Roban AlQiada

Transportation services at competitive prices with the highest safety standards

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  • Vision
  • We seek to provide the best transportation services at competitive prices and distinguished service with the application of the highest standards of safety and quality

  • Goal
  • Providing high quality solutions in line with our values and principles

  • Message
  • The global message is embodied in achieving the desired level of satisfaction from our customers and reaching them wherever they want us

Our Services

  • Postage and freight transport
  • We work through a diverse team of warehouse supervisors, customer service and delivery representatives who are trained and qualified for speed of delivery, reliability of delivery.

  • Shipment receiving service
  • Delivery service in Roban’s warehouses, pick-up service from the customer’s location and delivery to the final destination.

  • Warehousing and warehouse management services
  • Through a specialized system for the management of goods and their coding in the system and giving the customer the authority to enter orders and track shipments until the warehouse supervisors prepare them and put identification codes with them and packaging them according to the customer’s need to the delivery agents to deliver them to the final destination.

  • Packaging Services
  • We provide packaging services according to the customer's request and we provide various types of packaging for products at competitive prices.

  • Delivery management system
  • We provide business customers ability to track customers' shipments status until they arrive to their final destination.

Our Offices

Our Clients


We provide logistical services, namely, delivering the product from the merchant to the final customer or receiving the product and managing it in our warehouses and then delivering it to the final customer, as well as follow-up and complete control of all your products to reach your customers with complete care.

From Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm

Yes, the skipper can provide the envelope, which is optional for the merchant if he has an envelope belonging to his store.

Yes, the two methods are available, and the allowed cards are (Mada - Visa - MasterCard)

Write the shipment number in the shipment tracking box in the following link:

All materials that are prohibited, dangerous, or prohibited to be circulated legally or legally, local or foreign currency, materials and artifacts.

All of our accounts on social media are mentioned in the link below


Head office

  • Sales and Marketing : 00966560277266

work hours

  • Sunday - Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm
  • Saturday: 9 AM - 2 PM
  • Friday: closed